Learning Braided Cable Stitch

Ok, so this isn’t exactly my first attempt to learn how to use this type of stitch. But this is definitely most productive attempt. 🙂

I’WP_20160120_09_51_21_Prom making a headband using a combination of a simple headband pattern (for headband width I use a foundation chain of 12, **row of SC row of DC** repeat ** ) Then adding braided cable stitch from row 13 on using this pattern (** Ch 2, then 1 DC, Sk 2 St – *then Front Post TC in 3rd and 4th Stitch from work, Front Post TC in Both Sk Sts,* (repeat) then 2 DC to finish the row, next row Ch 2, 1 DC, then Back Post DC in Next 8 Sts [tc’s from braided row] 2 DC**, then repeat those two rows). My head requires roughly 20-22 of the DC+SC  combo rows, so basically I’ll repeat the cabling until about 12 rows left then finish with the original pattern so it’s even. I’ll have between 10-12 rows of Cable Stitching by the end.
I am not the original author of either of these patterns, the simple headband pattern I stumbled upon by trial and error, but have since seen it published in various places, and the Braided cable crochet I found on Youtube. 🙂 Also, note that you could easily turn this pattern into a lovely scarf as well just double or triple the width. 🙂

I’m Using Bernat Party in Chocolate Sparkle (my camera phone makes it look gray, but it’s brownish) and a size J (6mm) crochet Hook (honestly, my favorite size besides the N).

Thanks for reading! My various Crochet items are available for purchase at http://www.etsy.com/shop/kidalia 🙂 I add stuff as often as possible.



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